Snapshot No 7: Anarchy, Sorry, Hoppity Hops in the U.K.

You say Hoppity Hop; our friends in the United Kingdom say Space Hopper. (Oh, those theatre-going Brits -- they just have to be different, don't they?) On any continent, the big, rubber bouncy ball was a big get, circa 1970. And so it was for future U.K. blogger/historian Derek Tait (above).

Now, if Derek is secure enough to send in a snapshot of himself poised on a Space Hopper, then what is stopping you? Email us your pics already. And, yes, in the name of fairness, we're open to Hoppity Hop art.

-- Brian H. & Joal R.

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Crunch said...

The Space Hopper was first introduced to the UK in 1969, but wasn't seen in the US until technically the Americans have changed the name...but then us Brits are used to that...