Share your stories -- and your artifacts

Did you survive the 1970s? Even better, did you survive Christmas Day in the 1970s? Do you have the drug-store-developed snapshots, the beloved action figures, the old Pong box and the worn catalog pages to prove it?

If you've got a 1970s Christmas artifact, we'd love to see it. We'd love to hear about your misty-water-colored memories, too.

We are coauthors Joal Ryan and Brian Heiler, and we're compiling material for a coffee-table book that aims to celebrate that very special time, and those very odd carpet-color choices.

Please email Joal R. and Brian H. at: xmasinthe70s [at]

We promise we won't share your treasures with anyone. Except the hopefully billions of readers of our book.

—Joal R. & Brian H.

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Kelley Jo said...

Did this book ever get published? I would love to see it!