Snapshot No. 11: The Easy-Fake Smile

Frank Sarcia sends in this fun, Christmas 1970 image of him and his sister in Pelham, New Hampshire. Like the best family snapshots, all appears merry and bright -- note, appears. Frank explains:

"My sister wanted an Easy-Bake Oven, but received the Suzy Homemaker version instead, and she flipped her lid, but my parents made her take this picture smiling! If you knew her you could tell she was straining and faking the smile!"

Thanks, Frank, for sharing this classic tale of photo-album boosterism gone amok. Email us your stories and pics, too.

-- Brian H.

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Thatsnotmydad said...

I had THAT ROBOT! I remember my folks popping in the batteries and all of us watching it cross the floor, periodically stopping to open its chest doors and fire imaginary guns... and I thought, "enjoy this while it lasts. This thing is going to break immediately."